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Hornung OSP / Industrial Model Making

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for special, high-precision and serial production

Our range of high precision manufacture services includes:

  • New automotive parts produced in series for several years
  • Otherwise unavailable sheet metal and spare parts for all types of cars and bikes
  • Practical and creative solutions and developments for industrial production and tool making
  • Sheet metal conversion, CFRP-Preform and CFRP-PrePreg
  • Tool development in CAD (2D/3D)
  • Digitization (2D/3D scanning) of existing parts
  • Installation, inspection and maintenance of industrial equipment
  • Material specific sandblasting (aluminum, stainless steel, CFRP, steel)
  • Power engineering (CHP and lighting sites)
  • Locksmith work will be carried out professionally in our workshop

As our company and our partners work with the latest machine technology and use the highest quality of materials, it is possible to offer a wide range of parts and products, according to your requirements.

After receiving your inquiry incl. technical specifications, we will promptly submit a cost estimate and schedule for the shortest possible delivery date. Our many years of experience, combined with a high product quality, make for a content and continuously growing customer base.

We have specialized in the manufacture and processing of prototypes, one-off to line production. Our customers include small and medium-sized companies as well as corporations.

We produce at a favorable price performance ratio.

Cooperation with other manufacturers

To ensure high quality products, we will - if necessary - cooperate with other well-known manufacturers in various industries.

Brief overview of the tool and component manufacturing:

  • Sand casting, injection molding, deep-drawing, CFRP and embossing tools
  • Sand casting, injection molding, deep-drawing, CFRP components,
  • Embossing
  • Laser, turning, milling
  • Wig, gas-shielded and spot welding
  • Heat Protection Components (multi-layer aluminum) in the automotive sector

Brief overview of installation, inspection and maintenance:

  • Industrial mould heating (maintenance and installation of equipment)
  • Tooling (development, production and installation)
  • Maintenance of production lines (24h service)

Brief overview of material-specific sandblasting:

  • Each of the sandblasting cabins is exclusively used for one type of material to avoid an undesirable surface contamination with foreign materials.
  • We also meet quality requirements for the automotive and aerospace industry.
  • The existing number of cabins will be raised if necessary (for new types of material) 

The company was founded in 2004.